- Our Story -


Nicholas Cote 

Nicholas Cote always knew he wanted to own and operate his own business and that dream is now realized with the launch of Bradbury Mountain Metalworks.

After 14 years as a highly skilled professional welder, Nicholas Cote left his job as an industrial pipe fitter to start this diversified business.

With his motto "do it right the first time" Nicholas knew his dream would require careful planning and hard work.  He realized it would take time to build out the workshop of his dreams, producing unique, high quality projects for a variety of clients.

So Nicholas and Heidi spent two years searching for their "perfect" piece of property. He wanted a dead end road and a huge workshop in the woods, She wanted a little home that could either be hand built or remodeled. Both of them dreamed of abutting protected land. Miraculously, they found a small parcel
of land with two out buildings in Pownal, abutting Bradbury Mountain State Park. They purchased the property and the first step in becoming Bradbury Mountain Metalworks, LLC had begun.

The couple immediately began retrofitting the smaller 550 square foot garage into a modern tiny dwelling. When asked by neighbors and friends why they weren’t converting the much larger 1600 square foot garage into their dwelling they simply answered “oh, that’s the workshop.”

Five years later a sign has been hung next to the old door and Bradbury Mountain Metalworks, LLC is slowly gaining satisfied customers.

Those who know Nicholas will tell you he’s an easy-going but meticulous and creative craftsman. He treats each customer’s project as if it was his own.

We are a small business, but we have a lot of experience. If you’re looking for high-quality work from people who support our community, please give us a call.